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The power that print holds – marketing experts have their say

Last updated: 07/15/2019

Nothing replaces the experience of opening a magazine and the serendipity in what you might find there, says Eleanor Mills, editorial director, Sunday Times. These days,...

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Tech and data won’t change marketing, but enhance it: The marketer of the future

Last updated: 07/04/2019

The evolution of data and technology will help revert the role of the marketer to its historic best – and even enhance it, rather than fundamentally change it. That is the view...

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How Retailers Can Use Psychological Pricing to Boost Sales

Last updated: 07/01/2019

Running a retail business requires you to become an expert on sales, marketing, design, customer service, and staff management all at the same time. Pricing is just one of...

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Top 20 B2C Marketing Blogs & Websites | B2C Marketing Blog

Last updated: 07/01/2019

About Blog - Forrester is one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Forrester works with business and technology leaders to develop customer-obsessed...

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Why the future of customer experience depends on online data - Marketing Week

Last updated: 06/30/2019

Unlocking the power of individual online customer data can help brands to arm themselves with granular insight, to deliver the experience that consumers crave and which has been...

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5 ways PR pros can become better writers

Last updated: 06/29/2019

Whether your niche lies in public relations or marketing, communications or digital, your ability to write will make or break many opportunities. If you haven’t got this core...

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Storymaking: How to Shape the Stories that People Share about Brands - Chiefmarketer

Last updated: 06/28/2019

A great deal has been written about storymaking, a neologism used to describe the co-authorship of a brand’s narrative that consumers and marketers now share, particularly...

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Does the brand crackdown on media transparency go far enough? - Marketing Week

Last updated: 06/26/2019

The last year has seen digital ad spend dominate the marketing conversation and not often for the right reasons. There seems to have been one issue after another, from the...

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Should companies embrace SMS texting for customer service?

Last updated: 06/25/2019

A small but growing number of companies are encouraging customers to pick up their phones the next time they need assistance. But to send an SMS text, not to make a phone...

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Why social listening matters to your marketing

Last updated: 06/24/2019

It’s good to talk, so the classic BT ad campaign told us. And, bless ol’ Bob Hoskins, he was right, it is. But to have truly meaningful conversations with customers, brands...

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